Congratulations!  Whether you bought your home 6 months ago or 30 years ago, you have Equity!  Now that the real estate market is climbing out of the doldrums (or now that your family has grown by a member or even a few), you may be ready to buy a new home. But do you sell your old home first? Or do you buy and then sell? Call the Stovall Team today at 714.343.9294 or 714.393.5377.  Entering into the 2017 spring market, the biggest challenge for Buyers is the lack of available housing inventory for sale.  In Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Fountain Valley combined there are 160  (as of 2/27/17) single-family 2-3 car garage homes on the market.  We are in a time of short supply, which is great news for Sellers  because they will likely be faced with multiple offers due to the little inventory out there…Buyers will be up against a lot of other people and against a short supply of existing homes.  The Stovall Team is here to help you.

We see that first-time buyers in our high demand area continue to encounter instances where their offer is trumped by cash buyers and investors. Without a much-needed boost in new and existing-homes for sale in their price range, their path to homeownership will remain an uphill climb.  The emerging Buyers in the market (in 2017 and for at least the next 10 years) are expected to be the Millennials (33 percent) and the Boomers (30 percent). We find most of the former will be looking for their first homes, while the latter are down-sizing, often preferring one-level living spaces with upgrades, but less overhead.  The Millennials will be the most impacted by interest rate changes as many Boomers can pay cash or make larger down payments.  In our area, we are predicting an active spring market and look forward to March, typically the time when more listings become available, and we expect at least some easing of current inventory shortages.  Nevertheless, even with these anticipated additional listings demand is expected to continue and the   potential for multiple offers is strong.

Our intimate knowledge of your neighborhood, schools , and the area  amenities enable us to guide our clients as  Buyers and create strategic marketing for our Sellers.    All of this means Buyers are advised to call Stovall Team today at 714.343.9294 or 714.393.5377, do their homework, get pre-approved by a lender and be prepared to make a quick decision if you want to secure a home in this fast-paced market.   And if you are a home owner who has been thinking about selling, now is a great time to call the Stovall Team today at 714.343.9294 or 714.393.5377 to discuss putting your house on the market.  It’s definitely a great time to sell your home.  Working with the Stovall Team gives you the edge you need in this highly competitive real estate market.  Contact the Stovall Team today at 714.343.9294 or 714.393.5377.

Source: Micah Stovall, Stovall Team


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