Renovations That Give You a Return on Your Investment

The question is, which projects will provide the best return on investment (ROI). Quarantine means more time home. With the rampant onset of the COVID-19 virus, most of the modern world has found itself in quarantine. Shut off from the traditional outside world, we are all looking for ways to fill our time. While you are quarantined and stuck at home, there are plenty of DIY home improvement projects that you can do to help with passing the time. Not only will these home improvement projects help you to stay busy, but they will also provide you with a great opportunity to truly transform different areas throughout your house. Keep in mind that many of your renovations will translate into dollars when it comes time to sell.

The first question you have to ask is how long will you remain in your home after the improvement is complete. If the answer is between one and five years, you may want to keep the improvements simple, clean, bright and organized, as this typically gets the most attention from home buyers. Go too extravagant or too custom to your taste and the project may not provide the return you were looking for.  If you are planning on staying in your home for more than five years, you may want to consider projects that add comfort and convenience to fit your family’s lifestyle. Although it is always good to keep the future sale of your home in mind, when planning a home improvement for the long term, part of the ROI is the enjoyment of the newly renovated space.

Call the Stovall Team today!  We know the current neighborhood trends and can help you.  714.343.9294 For example, some neighborhoods are leaning towards more bold exteriors while others are traditional. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint  Thinking about exterior paint and new lighting, call us. A few quick questions and we will let you know what the on-trend colors are for your home neighborhood and style.  Adding a fresh coat of paint to any room, no matter how big or small it may be, is a great home project to complete during the quarantine. When choosing a new paint color, keep in mind that brighter colors such as white, eggshell, beige, yellow, and pale colors will help to make any room appear larger, whereas dark colors should be reserved for main walls or large, open rooms.

Lighting  Lighting is one of the most fundamental elements that involves decorating a room or creating a truly unique atmosphere. Changing the lighting throughout your home can be as simple as switching out old lightbulbs for new LED lightbulbs or even colored bulbs. You can also choose to install brand new lighting fixtures that hang, descend, or even take on a modern shape and appearance.

Landscaping If you just cannot stand being inside any longer, consider some home improvement projects that involve landscaping. The landscaping of any home is vital, whether you are interested in boosting your home’s curb appeal or increasing your home’s overall property value. Adding new shrubs, planting flowers, or even creating a garden filled with fresh fruits and veggies is a great way to keep your mind off of the quarantine while also providing you with plenty to do each day. Additionally, planting and growing your very own fruits and veggies is a great way to stockpile your fresh foods while also providing you with the ingredients necessary for canning and making long-term preserves.

Clean Your Windows  Since the weather is nice but there is nowhere to go, it is the perfect time to clean your windows. Take time to clean the outside and inside areas of your windows. Clean windows not only gives you a better view, but also increases your curb appeal. It is also crucial to maintain your windows if you want them to last longer.

Switching Up Your Decor When you are stuck inside for an extended period of time, you may begin to find yourself sick and tired of the current look and decor you have in your living room, bedroom, and other spaces throughout your home. Swap out current decor pillows for alternatives, or consider sewing your own if you have a sewing machine available. Making your own blankets, curtains, pillows, and even your own rugs can help you to keep your mind off of the quarantine while allowing you to pass time and decorate with entirely new material simultaneously.

perfectly arranged bedside table after decluttering during quarantine

Declutter  Take the time to declutter your home while you are in quarantine, as the quarantine provides us with plenty of time to stare at our closets or our junk drawers. Commit to cleaning and decluttering at least one space a day in your home to avoid becoming overwhelmed and giving up on the process of decluttering altogether.  Eliminating clutter and organizing each space in your home can help you to feel accomplished while getting through this quarantine period. Additionally, when your home feels less cluttered and free from the junk you have collected over time, you will feel less stressed and anxious and instead, you will likely feel more at peace and comforted by remaining at home.

man relaxing in his home after doing home improvements during quarantine

Although the quarantine experience has not been particularly pleasant for most people who enjoy going to work, spending time outdoors, or simply socializing with friends and co-workers, it has provided plenty of free time to sit back, relax, and get creative. Call Stovall Team today and we can help you. 714.343.9294


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