Ready to Downsize in 2018?

As home values continue to  appreciate, more and more homeowners have the freedom to move. I recently sold my client’s two-story five bedroom and four bathroom home and sold them a single-story two bedroom and two bathroom home that better fits their current lifestyle and needs. We sold their home after only 7 days on the market for over asking price. We executed their plan. Prior to listing their home for sale, I sat down and listened to my clients and learned about their needs and wants and then I advised.  They set a goal. We made a plan. We executed the plan.  Wondering if it might be time for you to downsize your home? Here are four signs it might be time:

  1. The maintenance is too much. Keeping your home well-maintained can be a lot of work! Between yard work and perpetual maintained, the upkeep can leave you exhausted. By downsizing your home when the time is right, you’ll leave more time for yourself and save money.
  2. You’ve retired or you’re retiring soon. When you downsize, you’re cutting basic expenses and creating more retirement income. In downsizing your home for retirement, you’ll move into a smaller property that will likely  reduce your property taxes, insurance and mortgage payments. Even if you plan to have your mortgage paid off by the time you retire, your current home could be a major source of retirement capital.
  3. You have a lot of unused space If you’ve already raised your children, you might be paying for space that you’re likely not using. Maybe you no longer need your two-story five bedrooms and three bathrooms! Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage, you could still be paying a lot in property taxes, homeowners insurance, utilities and maintenance, all of which are higher on a larger home.
  4. You’re filled with wanderlust. Maybe you’re mesmerized by those cruise ship commercials or you find yourself dreaming of faraway places. Downsizing your home and the expenses you’re spending on your home can free you up to travel.

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