Do not panic, stay informed, and use your best judgement.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has impacted us in ways both small (don’t touch your face!) and large (cancellations of public events, public school closures, and so on). And for those residents who are interested in selling, or buying a home, the new reality—in which social distancing and reducing your exposure to as many people as possible is the norm—has made typical real estate searches a bit of a challenge.

In response, Stovall Team is offering many ways to view the homes we currently have listed. We invite you to view the properties in person or remotely. Visit

Those able to enter the housing market have the benefits of low rates- and the wisdom of those who bought during the last crisis. Everyone needs someplace to live, and here is another thing that probably will not change: in our area the housing stick or sale is more attractive to many than what is for rent. Much of the current inventory has come from people who are moving up or on and will themselves need to buy a property. Everyone has to make those decisions for themselves, but don’t let the sound of opportunity knocking lull you into undue risk.





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