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Veterans Day . Thank you for your courage.

Veterans who are eligible for VA home loan benefits and in the market for a new house can utilize lenders and real estate professionals to their advantage. Licensed and VA-approved lenders can help veterans understand and get the most out of their VA home loan benefits. Stovall Team is trained and licensed to assist homebuyers in finding the right property and negotiating the purchase agreement. Call us today at 714.343.9294

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Is it Safe to Sell My House Right Now?

In this new era in our lives, things are shifting quickly, and virtual strategies for sellers may be your ideal option. Opening your doors up to new approaches could be game-changing when it comes to selling your house while the market is leaning in your favor. As always, Stovall Team will help you safely and effectively navigate all that’s new when it comes to making your next move. Call Micah Stovall today at 714.343.9294

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Thinking of Moving?

There are many new developments in Orange County. If you’re thinking of making a move, let’s connect to see if a new or newer built home is what you need. Call me today at 714.343.9294

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Is Now A Good Time to Move?

Even though home values have appreciated, it’s a great time to buy a home because mortgage rates are at historic lows.  Call me today at 714.343.9294

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Guidance and Support Are Key When Buying Your First Home

If you’re among the first-time homebuyers who feel the process is complicated, you’re not alone. If you’re not sure where to begin or you simply want help in figuring out how to save for a home, finding a trusted real estate advisor to work with is a critical step toward your success. I will help you understand the process, review your current situation, and guide you with a plan to help you to feel confident when buying a home. If you’re interested in purchasing a home and need help getting started, reach out to Stovall Team today to take advantage of the support available to guide you through each step of the way. Call me at 714.343.9294

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Ready to Make Your Move? Homebuyers Are Ready to Purchase This Year

With these three factors in play, the demand for housing will keep growing this year, especially over the summer as more communities continue their phased approach to reopening. Buyers can take advantage of additional savings and low mortgage rates. And if you’re thinking of selling, know that your home may be in high demand as buyer interest grows and the number of homes for sale continues to dwindle. This may be your moment to list your house and make a move into a new space as well. If you’re ready to buy or sell – or maybe both – reach out to Stovall Team to put your plans in motion. With low mortgage rates leading the way, it’s a great time to take advantage of your position in today’s market. Call me at 714.343.9294

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