Money Saving Tip for 2016: Pay Attention to the Little Things

In 2015 we saw the U.S. women win the World Cup, Letterman retire, and the Force awaken. Oh, and we spent too much on some things. Some of the ways it happened were small—others, not so much. However it occurs, it’s important to know where we collectively spend so we can make the tweaks to fix it. Here are a few big ways Americans spent money this year.

  1. Student loans. The college graduates of 2015 will pay back more than $35,000 each, according to The Wall Street Journal. Consider attending a university you can afford, apply for scholarships, and work throughout the year.
  2. Ziosk tablet activities. Ziosk tablets are the devices on restaurant tables that allow you to see the menu or pay your check. That’s good. You can also use them to shop or pay for games the kids can play. Not good!
  3. Gym memberships. Tons of people buy health club memberships in time for January 1—but by that month’s end, the treadmills are empty.
  4. Daily coffee trips. Back before coffee shops started popping up on every street corner, people brewed it themselves.
  5. Car wash upgrades. With all those “upgrades,” it’s like getting one wash for the price of three.
  6. Name-brand paper products. You only use paper towels, napkins and paper plates once before they hit the trash. So why would you pay name-brand prices for them?
  7. Timeshares. The average cost of a timeshare is around $16,000, according to Marketwatch. Between that price, the maintenance fees, and the fact that timeshares are dang near impossible to sell, the stress will suck the joy out of your getaway.
    There’s nothing wrong with buying stuff you can afford. The trouble comes when you spend too much because you aren’t paying attention. Keep an eye on your spending now and you’ll keep more of your money later.

Source: Realty Times, and The Stovall Team

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