Why Stovall Team?

There are many benefits to working with Stovall Team when buying and selling your house.

During challenging times, like what we face today, it becomes even more important to have an expert you trust to help guide you through the process.

Your Safety Is a Priority Your safety always comes first, and that’s more crucial than ever given the current health situation in our world. Stovall Team has the proper protocols in place to protect not only your belongings but your health and well-being too.

Powerful Online Strategy Is a Must to Attract a Qualified Buyer. Recent studies from NAR have shown that,  even before COVID-19, the first step 43% of all buyers took when looking for a home was to search online.  Throughout the process, that number jumps to 97%. Today, those numbers have grown exponentially. Stovall Team has developed a strong Internet and social media strategy to promote the sale of your house.

You Get More Money When Using Stovall Team One of the main reasons for the price difference is effective exposure, superb marketing, and intimate knowledge of your neighborhood. 

If you’re considering making a move, this may be your moment, especially with today’s low  mortgage rates and limited inventory. Reach out to me at 714.343.9294 stovallteam.com

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