Ask the Experts: The Stovall Team

Q: When is the right time to begin the move process for my elderly parents?

A: Often, concerned family members question the timing process to begin assisting their elderly parents with a move. It is never too early to begin the psychological process. While the actual move may be months or sometimes years away, the emotional preparation begins much earlier.  Individuals and their support family should explore all of the next phase options prior to the actual implementation. Relevant questions include:

  1. Where is the next home going to be?
  2. How much will it cost? What is actually affordable?
  3. What is the current home worth?
  4. What is involved in putting it on the market?
  5. Do repairs or maintenance need to be done?
  6. Most importantly, when is the appropriate time to make the move?


In many cases, these questions need to be explored before any action can be taken. A well thought-out plan and goals will ease the transition process. With careful planning and consulting with family, friends, lawyers, financial advisors and Stovall Team,  positive steps can be taken. In a crisis or when sellers are not motivated, the wrong decisions can be made about house pricing, timing, necessary preparation and the logistics of the sale.

For seniors and their families, the decision-making may not be a smooth or easy process. In order to understand the full process, it is helpful to get a Home Assessment from Stovall Team. We are here to help the homeowner with their decision-making at the beginning stages of the move.

Contact Stovall Team today.  Working with The Stovall Team gives you the edge you need in this highly competitive real estate market place. Call Micah at 714.343.9294 or Steve at 714.393.5377 for a complementary market evaluation today.


Source: Micah Stovall, Stovall Team


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